Höstens must haves!

På Monrow.se hittade jag en intressant lista över vad som kan vara bra att hålla utkik efter i höstens shopping för att vara helt rätt!

If they're not in your autumn closet yet, don't waste another minute longer, go get them! They will give you endless possibilities to combine your outfit.

Blazer. This classic garment, nicked from the men's wardrobe, has become practically sacred among Monrow feminine favourites. You can match it with dresses, skinny jeans, miniskirts, shorts or baggy boyfriend fit jeans ... In addition to this, it's the garment to use as an outdoor jacket in the early autumn days. And don't forget to add the final touch by rolling up the sleeves.

Oversized shirt - Wear it loose and nonchalant, with a belt on your hips or why not to emphasize your waist?

Tunics. With that cool bohemian touch or with a classic look. Chose between tunics with pin tucks, pleats or open embroideries as cut out pattern

Furs. Faked fur waistcoats, or as a lining into your wool fabric waistcoat - lovely to combine with the most feminine dress in sheer qualities, or with your fav jeans, baggy  or tight.
Emphasize your waist with a belt.

Harem trousers. With a nice fit on your bump and low crotch. Harems trousers doesn't necessary mean that you won't show your nice figure!

Dresses. Wear the dress all weekdays, wear it with heavy leggings or for a more sophisticated look with the thin tights. Combine the dress with the faked fur waistcoat, or with the blazer to create a new dimension to your outfit! See what we mean? Bet you'll love it!

För att förstå vad de menar gå in på www.monrow.se



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