Why so serious?
Let some insanity enter your life! Treat every day as if it was your last. Let your hair down and your spirit fly. You might just find it a refreshing way of looking at life. 
The spirit of Monrow is deeply rooted in a fast moving urban culture. The key words are attitude and consciousness. Influences may come from any place, and any time.

But more then anything they come from women and theis everyday lives, their energy, love and joy.
Their inspiration is the spirit of Monrow.
Clother for, and by people who cherish life. For work, leisure and fun.

Jag tycker iallfall om Monrow.
Ni hittar lite i vår webshop! Gå in och kolla! Tunikorna Clay är min personliga favorit.
Lite oljiga i färgen gör de sktsnygga till hlsten med ett par svarta tajts!

See ya!



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